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Writing Your Resume for ATS and HR

Posted on June 2, 2021 under Resume

Writing Your Resume for ATS and HR

There are 2 gatekeepers standing between you and your next job.

1. HUMANS – hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters

2. ROBOTS – the Automated Tracking System or ATS

Your resume needs to satisfy and score well with both.

I strongly suggest you write your resume for the human eye first.

This ensures your resume will make sense to the reader in the 30-60 seconds they *may* give to your work history and accomplishments.

If your resume sounds like pure nonsense because you've over analyzed and edited for keywords, they will think you're crazy, illiterate, and inexperienced.

Once your resume is finely tuned for a real person, then turn your attention to “Beating the Bots.”

That's when you focus on critical technical issues such as SEO keywords, margins, formatting, text, font and file type.

Your resume must pass BOTH audiences or your candidacy will end.

In this time of COVID-19, you absolutely MUST get through the ATS in order to then get in front of the decision-makers who are working remotely.

Be virtually networking through LinkedIn, Email, Text, Zoom, etc. to bypass the ATS as much as possible.

Who have you been writing your resume for? ✏️

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