Are you at the crossroads of professional and personal change? My executive leadership package helps you discover how to generate real results with ease.

Step up to your new job, promotion, or level of responsibility with the True Work career development program. Get clear on what you want and how to get it.

Ready to make more money and happiness in your business? My solopreneur program upgrades you and your business to design and build a profitable future.

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Accelerate Your Career Performance with Certainty, Clarity & Confidence

Are You Ready to Reduce Your Work Challenges – So You Can Be Happier, Make More Money, and Have the Lifestyle You Deserve with Greater Ease?

You’re in the right place!

Do you find yourself:

  • Standing at the crossroads of your professional and personal life, fire-fighting what seems like only crisis after crisis, which leaves you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and stuck?
  • Unable to figure what to do next with your career even though you hate your job, are miserable at your desk, and haven’t taken a vacation in years?
  • Dreading the thought of paying this month's business expenses because you’re frustrated, scared, and burned out on making enough money?

The good news is you can radically change your relationship with work to:

  • Breakthrough corporate chaos and return to a calm and controlled approach to your work with a custom plan to eliminate old painful patterns.
  • Have a crystal clear vision of your best next move in the workforce and feel the return of hope, creativity, and drive.
  • Be resoundingly confident in your ability to generate more than enough revenue in your business by following a proven path to financial success.

It all starts with a simple phone call.

Here at The Truth at Work, I can help you get rid of your work worries with proven methodologies so that you can receive the career and business success you have rightly earned.

And it all starts with one no-cost Career Strategy Session. It’s my special session to get clear on where you are now and what's standing in your way, and during the session I'll share some action strategies to advance your career or business. We also determine if we are a fit for each other for coaching.

Are  you ready to radically change your relationship with work? Let's talk!

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Kelley has a magical way of helping me to connect the dots in ways I never could have on my own. For her talent and the privilege of being her client, I feel immeasurable gratitude."

-Ellen Johnson Page  | Business Development Manager

For Executive Leaders

My Performance Acceleration packages are for executives who are at the crossroads of professional challenges and personal change.

For Career Professionals

My True Work Program is for mid-level managers who need a deep examination of their career path and a plan with tactics on how to get there.

For Solopreneurs

My Business Builder program is for solopreneurs who want to clarify their business model, get real-world clients, and make more money.

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