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Getting “Ghosted” in Your Career

Posted on March 20, 2024 under Career & Work

Getting ghosted by HR, job prospects, and in your workplace

There comes an awkward time in everyone's career when you're caught off guard by the low or no response of a job prospect, colleague, boss, or client.

The intermittent or cease of communications may or may not be a total surprise, but it makes it no less confusing or bothersome.

The end of communications sends a strong signal – “we are done relating for now or forever.”

It may be difficult to understand or accept but that is the reality.

The reason why doesn't matter or ever satisfy the other party.

Your task is to now decide how you want to react; which is the only true power we have in regards to another person's behavior.

I have personally witnessed and experienced many a “ghosting” in business and life.

It's not fun, yet it happens.

Why does it happen? It's because there was a communication breakdown and one party is no longer participating due to lack of skill or courage to do the right thing.

The deserted party feels a range of difficult emotions.

The ghost might also feel a mix of emotions.

It could be guilt, relief, regret, happiness, or perhaps nothing at all.

So what can you do when you are left playing the game alone?

1. Separate emotion from duty or right. Sort out your feelings first before you act. Acknowledge the feelings and know that you can address them when you're ready.

2. Decide what kind of leader you want to be. How to do you want to stand in this storm? What beliefs and morals do you want to represent?

3. Draw your boundary lines. Determine what you will or will not tolerate and make it known to others as necessary.

4. Commit to action. Make good on your decision by following through. Your action might be to establish new contracts and policies, or perhaps to simply forgive and move on.

At the end of the day, the ghost in your career becomes a tough teacher.

They are a gift in no disguise that brings you new awareness about what you needed to learn and practice in order to grow.

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– Kelley Joyce, MBA, CPC

Kelley is a career development coach who is dedicated to helping people discover their career path and land their dream jobs. She has served hundreds of professionals across the U.S., U.K., and Australia since 2012 to radically change their relationship with work.

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