About The Truth At Work

As an executive coach, I help professional men and women:

  • create their own brand of conscious leadership
  • take charge of their professional development destiny
  • design purposeful work in companies and as solopreneurs.

I call this transformational journey “radically changing your relationship with work”. The idea of being in relationship with our work can be a head scratcher at first, but it’s an undeniable, life-long reality that must be faced. Improving how you interact with work, instead of unconsciously walking through decades of toil, dramatically increases your quality of life. The one common denominator in any relationship we have is with ourselves. Whether it’s with our boss, colleagues or clients at work or with our life partner, children and friends – we still play out the same behavioral patterns on a daily basis. Awareness of the constant parallel between your professional and personal relationships is a big “a-ha” moment for many professionals. Taking this knowledge and applying it to the World of Work can absolutely be a GAME CHANGER for many. My clients are executives in big corporations or running their own shops, professionals in high-pressure fields like finance/accounting, law, fashion, marketing/PR/advertising, consulting, technology, etc., and solopreneurs who are building their brand and client roster from the ground up. I invite you to take the quality of your life seriously. If you don't, no one else will. The Truth at Work is for you if you are ready to:

  • Learn holistic leadership practices that get real results
  • Increase your vitality, positive thinking, and ability to manifest
  • Explore new possibilities for your career or business
  • Receive mentorship to guide your professional development
  • Challenge yourself with new entrepreneurial-style skills
  • Know and speak your personal truth
  • Practice self-care techniques

Here's the deal. Our society thinks it's fabulous for us to work 80 hours per week – we get promotions, raises, bonuses and BusinessWeek articles about us. I'm here to tell you that there's a better way, and that the abuse of work can kill. Don't let anyone else fool you. There's billions invested internationally in this lie about work. My executive leadership, career development, and entrepreneurship programs all take a savvy but holistic approach to your next step. You can radically change your relationship with work. Aren't you worth it? For most of us, it took 25, 30, 40, 50, 65+ years to get to the realization that we're ready to stop playing silly games. (Remember, “our best thinking got us here”!!) Now that you're ready, the real “work” is on ourselves. And it's the biggest gift you'll ever give yourself. I can't wait to work with you as your coach. Changes big and small await you. Your results will be a mix of what you desired plus surprises that exceed your expectations.

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