My executive leadership package The Exec Whisperer, career development program True Work, and solopreneur mentorship program The Business Builder work as much as you work them. I promise to show you the way and to be here for you as you make discoveries.

There are small and large victories – all of them are important. Going to the gym or eating breakfast is on par with securing a coveted interview or winning a big new contract.

The Exec Whisperer

The Exec Whisperer packages are focused on changing old hard-wired habits that have you at the crossroads of your professional and personal life. You live to work instead of work to live. Your work has always been your shining star, but now both the office and home are challenging. We dismantle beliefs and behaviors and then make new commitments in a plan across our life and how we will lead moving forward. Read more about my 1-Day Intensive for crisis situations and our 3-Month program for leadership development.

True Work

The True Work program is a 90-Day program dedicated to the search for your sustainable livelihood. This program taps into what makes you tick and your heart sing. If you’ve been feeling uninspired, lost, bored or frustrated this is for you.
Learn more about the curriculum hereĀ»

Business Builder

The Business Builder program is for solopreneurs who want to grow and tackle the critical steps of their business operations. The program is perfect for professionals who are transitioning out of the corporate world and trying to navigate the new and uncertain waters of entrepreneurship.
Click here to see the details of the 12-week mentorship programĀ»

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