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The #1 Mistake Women Make in Career Negotiation

Western women are not encouraged or taught to negotiate, and it's a real issue.

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This 1 Thing Negatively Impacts Your Career Negotiation

Undervaluing yourself causes you to miss out on various opportunities to negotiate in your job or career. Here's why.

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9 Reasons to Have Your Resume On-the-Ready

It’s painful to watch a job posting suddenly vanish when you don’t have a resume. But it can be equally painful to realize you’ve disqualified yourself from other hot opportunities too.

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Is Your Job Leads Pipeline Broken?

It's VERY easy to have built a brilliant pipeline to generate leads, but you can have one small piece frustratingly block you from the ultimate outcome.

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Lame Verbs in Your Resume

Are you guilty of wasting valuable space in your resume with language that doesn't impress?

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Thinking About Leaving Your Job?

Are you hanging on by your fingernails to a job? People in the workplace are choosing to move on now, in large numbers.

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