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How Tarot Helps Your Career or Business

What's your secret weapon in career and business? Mine is my intuition. I use various metaphysical tools to pry open access to the deepest and sometimes the most frightened aspects of myself. My favorite and most trusted tool is Tarot. I've read Tarot cards (and more recently Oracle Cards) since my 20's. Back in 2018 I studied intensively under my...


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Biggest Job Application Mistake

Spoiler alert: it's not your resume, salary requirements or education.

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“I’m Unhappy At My Job”

The devil you know is very sexy....you know exactly all the good, bad, and ugly.

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Quick Tip for Managing Your Job Search

It's a universal truth and science that more than 3 big priorities cannot be done well or done at all in a day.

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The #1 Mistake Women Make in Career Negotiation

Western women are not encouraged or taught to negotiate, and it's a real issue.

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This 1 Thing Negatively Impacts Your Career Negotiation

Undervaluing yourself causes you to miss out on various opportunities to negotiate in your job or career. Here's why.

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