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I Can’t Read Your Resume!

If I can't easily read your resume – and I'm actually trying to! – then don't expect a busy hiring manager or recruiter to struggle through your document. Don't make it harder for the reader so they can easily view your resume. You'll end up in the trash in 2 seconds flat. TOP 5 RESUME FORMATTING MISTAKES THAT COST YOU...


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Do You Undervalue You?

I've noticed a scary trend lately. And it makes me sad. So many of my clients do not know or own their professional worth. I see resumes that do not appropriately represent what they bring to the corporate table. I hear conversations that do not positively highlight the skills and attributes employers absolutely will pay top dollar to hire. What's...


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Break Up with Indecision

The speed of your business and career directly correlates to your ability to make rapid and sound decisions. The more decisions you make, the faster you gain more employment opportunities, grow your client base, or hit your financial goals. And conversely, the more you hesitate, procrastinate, and double-guess what you deep-down already know to be true, the more you will...


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Words in Action

Back in the day, during my coach training program, it was considered a personal affront to be called out on the mat for “being out of alignment”. This was confusing to me at the time, as it was unfamiliar parlance in the corporate world. However, in holistic and healing circles it provokes a gasp at very minimum. Alignment had to...


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I’m Not Willing

Think of that elusive goal you haven't achieved yet. That one precious goal which has escaped your grasp for months, years, or possibly even decades. Are you clear on what it is?  I mean really specifically clear. Not just a generalized idea such as “I want to make more money” or “I want to lose weight”. I'm talking about “I...


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It’s About Time!

Time is the only resource we cannot renew. By the time you finish reading this message you will have expended several moments of your life you can't rewind – so I'll make it short and sweet!  😉 The struggle my clients experience is the tension between time and money. The deal with money is that we can and will make...


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