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Writing Your Resume for ATS and HR

There are 2 gatekeepers standing between you and your next job. Learn about writing your resume for ATS and HR.

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When Work Addiction is the Company Culture

The pandemic, WFH and the Great Reshuffle threw even more people into working long hours. If your company downsized, you're probably hustling to pick up the slack, exhausted and hoping you're not next.

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Simple Secrets for Boosting Your Resume

When it comes to writing your perfect resume, these are some of the biggest challenges and frustrations I hear.

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Why You’re Not Attracting Your Dream Job

There are two kinds of disbeliefs that like to co-mingle and conspire against you getting your dream job.

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Time Management Tips When You’re Unemployed

The loss of an external force - such as the workplace - to dictate your time and activities has the potential to throw some people for an emotional and logistical loop. Learn how to manage your time when your unemployed with my tips.

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Nail Your Final Round Job Interview Every Time

Today we're going to discuss how to nail your final round job interview - every single time. Did you know there are 3 different levels of job interviewing skills development and practice?

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