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Desire can be fickle and elusive. Viewing a glimpse of what you want and deliberately saying YES to it can be frightening and disorienting. Maybe you've waited 20 years for the kids to leave the house so you can start your small business. Maybe you're moving your family across the country or the globe so you can take a...


Gray is the New Black & White

Life would be incredibly easy if every decision were clear cut. But that's not reality. We live in a world of uncertainty, risk, and missing pieces of information. When faced with making an important decision it is tempting to fall into the deep trap of “black and white” thinking. All-or-Nothing judgement of people, situations, or beliefs can lead to...


I Appreciate You

Happy Father's Day! Today is the perfect opportunity to express appreciation to and for the men in your life. Don't waste any more time – today is the day! Appreciation is an essential tool that systematically increases communication, goodwill, and understanding within relationships. It's like depositing money in an emotional bank account. What is appreciation really? And why practice...


On The Job Safety

I've been back on the road this past month – Florida to see my parents, Washington, D.C. for an exciting upcoming Joint Venture, and just last week California to join my Mastermind of other spirit-led women-owned business leaders. Here we all are below relaxing at lunch in sunny San Luis Obispo. Besides enjoying the natural sulfur springs and local...


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Finally, this weekend was gorgeous in New York City and many of us flocked to the parks to witness Mother Nature make her grand entrance. I live near Madison Square Park (Flatiron Building) and it was positively in full bloom. I love the revitalized hope and new possibilities Spring delivers us each year. Spring tells us to snap out...


How to Stop Half-Assing It

Get Committed to Commitment The important things in life require commitment to make them happen and keep happening. I'm talking about big goals like starting a business, getting an education, or raising a family. In a perfect world we would get everything our way. If one of your personal values is freedom, flexibility, or variety, then having it your...


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