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Finding Fulfilling Work and Why You Deserve It

Many clients hesitated to commit to my career coaching program because, deep down, they didn’t believe they deserved it.

Work Procrastination and Anxiety

Do you put the “pro” in procrastination? While putting off dry cleaning may not have consequences, delaying your career search will.

Post Pandemic Career Climate

My message to job seekers post-pandemic: plenty of people who lost their jobs last year have been rehired or found new jobs.

Your Career Problem Has a Common Cause

Here’s what I’ve learned after working with hundreds of clients, from SNL comics to hedge fund managers: The most unique career problems almost always have a common cause.

When Work Addiction is the Company Culture

The pandemic, WFH and the Great Reshuffle threw even more people into working long hours. If your company downsized, you're probably hustling to pick up the slack, exhausted and hoping you're not next.

Why You’re Not Attracting Your Dream Job

There are two kinds of disbeliefs that like to co-mingle and conspire against you getting your dream job.