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I Quit my High-Level Executive Job ​

When I quit my job as a high-level executive, word sure got around fast.

How to Find Your Career Path & Get Your Dream Job

The way we choose our careers is changing on a mass scale. Before the pandemic and after the 2016 election, I noticed with my clients that they felt less secure around jobs, and more activated to be proactive.

CEO’s are Quitting in the Great Resignation

There is a lot of talk about no one being immune to the Great Resignation...

The Best Time to Look for a Job is the Spring

The Spring job market wants YOU…like, yesterday. In this article, you'll learn why the best time to look for a job is the Spring.

Do you have a case of the “Sunday Scaries”?

If you can't deal with your job tomorrow, you need to start doing something today.

New Job Industry: Tips for Entering a Different Industry

I tend to see two trends when changing your industry: You select an industry that is fun, intriguing, or a hobby or you get selected by an industry you've never even heard of because a recruiter grabs your attention - and the role is super sexy & challenging.