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Scared of a Career Change?

The #1 big fear of making a career change is having to take a ‘step back.' A step back in pay, responsibility, authority, and benefits. Many are convinced you have to start over again to get your dream job. Or that the only answer is to go back to school for a graduate degree. It's a one step forward,...


3 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary

Don't leave salary increase up to chance or by wishing upon distant stars.

Top 10 Legal Career Injustices

There are many reasons why lawyers are highly susceptible to self-criticism and doubt.

Job Searching? Do These 3 Things for Success

​You must be the product or service that solves the pain point of your hiring manager and future team.​

7 Ways to Help Your Job Search When it Sucks

“Like sh*t.” is what I hear often from job seekers when I ask how their job search is going.

Are Your Professional Development Goals Neglected?

Believe it or not 50% of 2023 is complete. NOW is the time to audit your progress.

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