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How to Improve Your Career and Future

You have a very expensive problem. Being without a job means losing thousands in earning potential every month. Being in a toxic job takes a toll on your mental and physical health.

What is a Career Coach?

After coaching a summer intern to a 7-figure Wall Street exec, I’ve heard it all. Here's common doubts job-seekers have about career coaches.

Outlandish Occupations

I hope you had a fun and happy Memorial Day Weekend! Also, I send deep gratitude to your friends and family who serve or have served in the U.S. military to protect our freedom. For some all-American fun, I attended the New York Mets / Philadelphia Phillies game with my dear friend and client Ellen Johnson Page on Monday....


Reject Me, Please

Late Saturday night I was walking home from a dinner party when I turned the corner on my block and I suddenly stepped into a dramatic lovers' quarrel. The man was shouting “Christine, PLEASE!” and the woman briefly turned around to shoot him a look that could kill and then promptly kept marching down the street in her high...


What Is Your Legacy?

How to Build Your Own Sandcastle… This week I'm grateful to be in one of the only states in the Union that is above 25 degrees. I'm visiting my parents in Briny Breezes, Florida. It feels wonderful to catch some Vitamin D and see my Mom and Dad. Here I am – just freshly escaped from Newark to West...


Date Your Dream Job

This is my Valentine's Day open love letter to you, in the form of a free special report “Date Your Dream Job: 3 Hot Tips to Seek Work You Love & Tie the Knot”. I'm famous, or rather notorious, with my clients for using the analogy of managing personal relationships to bring clarity to what seems like a confusing...