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Date Your Dream Job

Posted on February 13, 2015 under Career & Work, Coaching, Marketing


This is my Valentine's Day open love letter to you, in the form of a free special report “Date Your Dream Job: 3 Hot Tips to Seek Work You Love & Tie the Knot”.

I'm famous, or rather notorious, with my clients for using the analogy of managing personal relationships to bring clarity to what seems like a confusing work or career situation.

It’s not just my fascination with the search for love – though I do love men, wink – it’s because of the simple fact that we are constantly in a relationship with our work.

My company is dedicated to radically changing your relationship with work.

The idea of being in relationship with our work can be a head scratcher at first, but it’s an undeniable, life-long reality that must be faced.

Improving how you interact with work, instead of unconsciously walking through decades of toil, dramatically increases your quality of life.

The one common denominator in any relationship we have is with ourselves.

Whether it’s with our boss, colleagues or clients at work or with our life partner, children and friends – we still play out the same behavioral patterns on a daily basis.

Awareness of the constant parallel between your professional and personal relationships is a big “a-ha” moment for many professionals.

Taking this knowledge and applying it to the World of Work can absolutely be a GAME CHANGER for many.

As my Valentine’s Love Letter to you, I feel compelled to share with you my Three Hottest Tips for:

How the Search For Heartful Work is Like the Search for Love

Strategically dating your Dream Job can lead to you tying the knot with a great employer for a healthy, long, and profitable relationship.

This report isn’t just a silly little love note – getting in touch with your relational issues is one of the fastest and surest ways to solve issues at work and home.

In my special Valentines Day report I first jump in with where we tend to go wrong…yes, I’m going to Kiss ‘n Tell…and then I share how to find Work you Love.

Download the free report here.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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