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Date Your Dream Job

This is my Valentine's Day open love letter to you, in the form of a free special report “Date Your Dream Job: 3 Hot Tips to Seek Work You Love & Tie the Knot”. I'm famous, or rather notorious, with my clients for using the analogy of managing personal relationships to bring clarity to what seems like a confusing...


A Show Me State of Mind

Last week this Manhattanite traded in her New York state of mind for that of Missouri.  If you recall from playing the 50-States License Plates game as a child, the Missouri motto is the “Show Me State”.   There is great debate within Missouri about the official origin of the motto, but it is generally accepted that when dealing...


Re-Write Your Work Story

Like every entrepreneur, I’m keen to grow my business.  My friend and fellow coach Heather Markel, founder of The Bullbuster Café, asked me to attend Monica Shah’s Money 2.0 event in Atlanta and I jumped at the chance.  Thank you Heather!   Monica is a business coach specializing in entrepreneurs’ relationships with money and teaching others to “Love It....


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