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A Show Me State of Mind

Posted on July 24, 2013 under Career & Work, Coaching, Marketing


Last week this Manhattanite traded in her New York state of mind for that of Missouri.  If you recall from playing the 50-States License Plates game as a child, the Missouri motto is the “Show Me State”.


There is great debate within Missouri about the official origin of the motto, but it is generally accepted that when dealing with a native Missourian you better be a straight-shooter and not mess around with any funny stuff.


My 24-hour whirlwind trip to coach a First100 client in Springfield, MO was a refreshing reminder that we live in a Show Me emotional state.


Matching actions with words is a tell-tale sign of someone who possesses integrity and is worthy of trust and belief.  My great-aunt's famous saying was “pretty is, as pretty does”…solid advice from someone who lived well into her 80's.


People who do not honor their words with their actions create nothing but confusion, distrust, and double-messages.  Think twice before following the lead of someone who says one thing and then does another.  Actions speak louder than words.


But what happens when it's much less obvious or tangible to discern if any shenanigans are happening?  This is where things can go sideways.


Internal messages coming from your gut can be tough to read.  When we have a “funny feeling” or a “sixth sense” of something important happening it can be very difficult to rationalize or justify what is real.  No longer is someone else trying to potentially pull one over on you, now it's you and you alone trying to decypher messages received from hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight.


The Show Me emotional state of mind can interfere with the ability to trust in going with the gut.  You can't show a hunch or a guess or a dream or a mindflash.  And the more a hard-and-fast believer in the scientific and the measureable you are, the more reluctant you will be to exploring how to take advantage of your intuition.


Don't get me wrong, holding people accountable for their words and actions is highly necessary to navigate the world.  But holding onto the idea that only the 100% verifiable is the truth is limiting and can put you at a disadvantage at work, home, and play.


Consider what it would mean if you respected your hits of intuition every time they occurred.  How would this change the way that you act, make decisions, and think about how powerful you are as a human being?  Something to ponder.


If you want to investigate your intuition in-depth, please do join me and my colleague Emilah Dawn DeToro this Sunday, July 28th at The Meta Center in New York City.  We will be hosting our 1-day workshop called “Intuition at Work: Empowering Leaders to Go with the Gut” to really dig deep into how intuition works and where to apply it on the job.  We hope to see you there!


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