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Nail Your Final Round Job Interview Every Time

Today we're going to discuss how to nail your final round job interview - every single time. Did you know there are 3 different levels of job interviewing skills development and practice?

Video Interview Attire: What to Wear?

What should I wear to a video-based job interview? Firstly, know that job interviews ARE happening right now. More people have greater availability for conversations – especially “informational” interviews – than ever before. Secondly, you must treat your video interviews as seriously as your in-person interviews. This includes your attire and physical appearance on camera. The general rule remains...


The LONG Interview is Very Much Back in Style

I've received more requests than ever to help clients prepare for extraordinarily long interview cycles. ​The many hoops employers have all y'all jumping through is epic and they are super annoying and frustrating for sure. ​What do I mean by LONG interview? ​Waiting many days or several weeks in between “next steps” communication with HR and hiring managers ​Conducting...