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What to Wear to a Video Job Interview

Posted on June 27, 2021 under Interview

What to Wear to a Video Job Interview
Photo by Nimble Made on Unsplash

Firstly, know that job interviews for in-office and virtual roles ARE happening right now in COVID.  
More people have greater availability for conversations – especially “informational” interviews – than ever before. 
Secondly, you must treat your video interviews as seriously as your in-person interviews. 
This includes your attire and physical appearance on camera. 
The general rule remains: Wear what your industry wears on a typical day except up one notch. 
So, this is no time to slouch. 
Just because we are home doesn't give us a “hall pass” to not shower, groom, and dress to impress. 
In fact, with competition greater than ever, it's critical to not blow an interview over appearance. 
Your brand is something you CAN control, even if we cannot control our global health crisis. 
Need expert 1:1 guidance to curate your personal look and wardrobe? 
I highly recommend my stylist friends and colleagues Tania Sterl (for women) and Guy Tomlinson (for men). 
Keep rockin' your interviews and don't be afraid to recruit help in preparing. 
What's your go-to piece of attire for a video interview? 
Mine is a necklace or scarf – it dresses up most anything in an instant. 

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