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This 1 Thing Negatively Impacts Your Career Negotiation

Undervaluing yourself causes you to miss out on various opportunities to negotiate in your job or career. Here's why.

Do You Undervalue Your Professional Worth?

I've noticed a scary trend lately. And it makes me sad. So many of my clients do not know or own their professional worth. I see resumes that do not appropriately represent what they bring to the corporate table. I hear conversations that do not positively highlight the skills and attributes employers absolutely will pay top dollar to hire....


Words in Action

Back in the day, during my coach training program, it was considered a personal affront to be called out on the mat for “being out of alignment”. This was confusing to me at the time, as it was unfamiliar parlance in the corporate world. However, in holistic and healing circles it provokes a gasp at very minimum. Alignment had...


“I’m Not Willing.” – Achieving Goals

“I'm not Willing.” Think of that elusive goal you haven't achieved yet. That one precious goal which has escaped your grasp for months, years, or possibly even decades. Are you clear on what it is?  I mean really specifically clear. Not just a generalized idea such as “I want to make more money” or “I want to lose weight”....


Gray is the New Black & White

Life would be incredibly easy if every decision were clear cut. But that's not reality. We live in a world of uncertainty, risk, and missing pieces of information. When faced with making an important decision it is tempting to fall into the deep trap of “black and white” thinking. All-or-Nothing judgement of people, situations, or beliefs can lead to...


I Appreciate You

Happy Father's Day! Today is the perfect opportunity to express appreciation to and for the men in your life. Don't waste any more time – today is the day! Appreciation is an essential tool that systematically increases communication, goodwill, and understanding within relationships. It's like depositing money in an emotional bank account. What is appreciation really? And why practice...


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