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Writing Your Resume for ATS and HR

There are 2 gatekeepers standing between you and your next job. Learn about writing your resume for ATS and HR.

Simple Secrets for Boosting Your Resume

When it comes to writing your perfect resume, these are some of the biggest challenges and frustrations I hear.

Your Address on Your Resume – Homeless

We've been told like good little soldiers to always list our home address on resumes.  I've had many a client look at me in disbelief when I say you do not have to provide your home address on your resume.   Your residence is private data you do not have to provide.   It's also a security precaution for the potentially vulnerable.  And...


I Can’t Read Your Resume! Top 5 Resume Mistakes

If I can't easily read your resume – and I'm actually trying to! – then don't expect a busy hiring manager or recruiter to struggle through your document. Don't make it harder for the reader to view your resume. You'll end up in the trash in 2 seconds flat. TOP 5 RESUME FORMATTING MISTAKES THAT COST YOU THE JOB...