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Simple Secrets for Boosting Your Resume

Posted on May 23, 2021 under Resume

Addressing your biggest resume frustrations

simple secrets for boosting your resume

When it comes to writing your perfect resume, these are some of the biggest challenges and frustrations I hear.

1. How to include all relevant experience in different fields of work and keep it short.

Short advice: In addition to teasing out the transferable skills, the burden then rests on the resume writer to create a story that pops from the page.

When you have a career that is a Zig-Zag instead of a Straight Line you need to explicitly show the reader the common thread, or they'll get lost or tune out. Keep in mind readers have the attention span of a gnat.

Having separate resumes can absolutely work if you want to keep a tight focus for your search goal.

If you want a more integrated role, then it’s worth it to weave it all together on one.

I find that over time, the blended path becomes more clear to the professional and it is readily visible to self and others – ultimately making it easier.

Kinda like stating your one superpower. What’s your superpower?

2. Trying to summarize experience in the same field and keep it short and effective

Short advice: This is a classic issue. First decide on the important content and then how to say it.

Like they say…”If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter”

3. Conveying military experience into civilian experience.

Short advice: Definitely a challenge, but not impossible. It's all about identifying the portable skills and then packaging it up into a compelling story. Make sure to utilize any kind of transition assistance, if provided by the military.

When I did my MBTI training years ago, my training group was packed with military people who were about to transition, or had active military roles that helped people to do so.

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