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Why You’re Not Attracting Your Dream Job

Posted on May 11, 2021 under Career & Work

You've got to truly believe you can get your dream job

How to Attract Your Dream Job Using these 2 Beliefs

There are two kinds of disbeliefs that like to co-mingle and conspire against you getting your dream job.

1. Lack of Belief that your Dream Job actually exists and:

2. Lack of Belief in you actually deserving your Dream Job.

When we believe the dream job doesn't exist, we're seeing the world from a lens of scarcity.

We say things like

“There are only so many good jobs”

“Those are the good jobs that other people get to have”

“Nobody’s hiring during COVID

The world is a vast place.

When you see life from a place of abundance you'll have faith.

Faith that there's not just one Dream Job, but many Dream Jobs available to us.

If we just open up to the possibilities.

On the other hand, deserving your Dream Job boils down to worthiness.

Worthiness is a self-concept steeped in “good enough-ness,” value, and self-esteem.

Thinking we're not good enough is the all too common challenge of the human condition.

But when we overcome this mental roadblock, we are free to get what we want and naturally deserve as our birthright.

Examine these two negative beliefs and then change them into positive beliefs about attracting your dream job (that is indeed out there).

Then, stand firm in believing in what you deserve.

What do you deserve as your Dream Job?

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