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How to List Skills on Your Resume and CV

How to List Skills on Your Resume and CV

How to Overcome Job Search Overwhelm

As a career coach who has worked with hundreds of clients, these are the common doubts I hear to jump starting a job search when overwhelmed.

Why You’re Not Attracting Your Dream Job

There are two kinds of disbeliefs that like to co-mingle and conspire against you getting your dream job.

Age Based Job Discrimination: “I’m Too Old.”

Did you know age based job discrimination starts in your 30’s? Yes, you read correctly. That makes the majority of the workforce “too old”. Also, I hear from my 20-something clients they are labeled as “kids” who are too young for responsibility and compensation even if they are the most significant achievers of results. There is no “good age”....


Career Change – Understanding the Full Impact

I've conducted a dozen in-depth interviews with professionals who had or were in the process of career change. The biggest difference between Career Changers and Job Switchers is Career Changers realize they're on a journey of personal change. On the other hand, the Job Switchers focus on making a move. Career Change rates highly on the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress...


Give up to Get on Good Friday

Today in the Christian calendar is Good Friday. ✝️ This signals, for the observant, a day of reflection around sacrifice. It also marks the near end of a 40-day period of ritual called Lent. I don't work on Good Friday after 3 p.m. because for me it is THE time of “giving up” my usual duties and surrendering to...


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