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The Cure for Busyness Disease & Overwork

We are a nation of busy people.  Always on the go with something to do and someone to see.  But when we desire quiet and rest, we don’t know how to make it happen.

When Work Addiction is the Company Culture

The pandemic, WFH and the Great Reshuffle threw even more people into working long hours. If your company downsized, you're probably hustling to pick up the slack, exhausted and hoping you're not next.

Give up to Get on Good Friday

Today in the Christian calendar is Good Friday. ✝️ This signals, for the observant, a day of reflection around sacrifice. It also marks the near end of a 40-day period of ritual called Lent. I don't work on Good Friday after 3 p.m. because for me it is THE time of “giving up” my usual duties and surrendering to...


Rest versus Comfort – What’s the Difference?

Whew! As another week winds down, most all of us look forward to the weekend. A time that is supposedly our own, when no work is to creep up into our schedules and we can dedicate ourselves to friends, family and leisure.   For many, Saturday and Sunday is when we “crash” and catch up on everything – sleep,...


Back to School Lessons

It's hard to believe that the summer is nearly over.  We'll have a few more gorgeous weeks and then we'll be swept into colder weather.  I always savor the September weather in NYC the most with its crisp air and clear blue skies.   The city itself also returns to a more rapid pulse – hipsters abandon the Hamptons...


Workaholism: The Glorious Addiction

This month I had the honor and privilege to train as a certified Recovery Coach.   The education has been eye-opening and inspiring to say the least.  I'm excited to share my insights within the context of workaholism over the coming months.   The role of a Recovery Coach, according to New York State OASAS (Office of Alcoholism and...


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