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Back to School Lessons

Posted on September 4, 2013 under Career & Work, Coaching


It's hard to believe that the summer is nearly over.  We'll have a few more gorgeous weeks and then we'll be swept into colder weather.  I always savor the September weather in NYC the most with its crisp air and clear blue skies.


The city itself also returns to a more rapid pulse – hipsters abandon the Hamptons and Jersey Shore, kids are back to school, and everyone's returned to their desks.


I've been enjoying the First Day of School photos of my friends' children on Facebook this week.  It brings back many memories of trying to pick out the right outfit, stocking up on cool supplies, and wondering which teachers are mean or tough.  Over time, these images become part of our history and the story we tell ourselves.


With all the fanfare about the new school year, we can potentially skip over this great opportunity to “start” our own new year at work.  The summer is a time of outdoor fun, Vitamin D, and socializing that can recharge our spirit to feel our very best.


As a child and young adult, I spent my summers on Cape Cod.  My grandmother's cottage presented close quarters with my extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins, guests, etc. – as well as the next-door-within-earshot neighbor families.  It was a tight community. 


We would swim & sunburn, chase the ice cream truck, play Scrabble and golf, and listen to play-by-play radio of Red Sox games.  Saturday was for temple or Sunday was for church.  No one had a phone – there was a pay phone at the Five&Dime store up the block.  The Internet or cable TV didn't exist yet.


That was vacation.  Not a fancy five-star resort, but an honest-to-God chance to completely unplug, where the biggest worry was when and what to cook for dinner on the grill.  Hamburger or hot dog?  Pizza or chowder?  Where to get fresh corn to husk?


The result of the experience was feeling ready to get back into action with renewed vigor.  Another school year meant the opportunity to re-invent – a new hairstyle, clothes and attitude.  Change was in the air and anything was possible.


Do you remember your first day of school?  How did you feel? 


I remember my first day at Brockton High School – the blog photo is a campus shot of “Boxer Country”.  Academic home to nearly 5,000 students (the biggest U.S. High School east of the Mississippi), BHS was intimidating as hell but I was set on being successful at age 14.  Nothing was going to get in the way.


What's the page out of the Back to School notebook we need to remember?



Lastly, if you didn't have the opportunity to take a summer vacation, consider this as your official Hall Pass to do so.  Take out your calendar, find a week, mark it down and stick to it.  This is urgently important if you are in the 6+ months zone of no significant time off.  


Do your homework by getting rested!

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