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Elevate Your Career and Earn the Income You Deserve

Posted on September 8, 2022 under Career & Work

This summer has been a fruitful time in sharing my message on how to truly discover your career path and land your dream job.

I was recently invited by Stacy Francis, CFP, CDFA, CES to speak on her podcast “Financially Ever After” along with Elizabeth Eiss, Founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing.

We covered lots of ground together including tips for resume writing and calculating the value of your time – all with the aim of how to elevate your career and earn the income you deserve.

Stacy is President and CEO of Francis Financial and a nationally recognized financial expert. She is one of 20 of the top American wealth managers on CNBC's Digital Financial Advisor Council, and frequently appears in Forbes, Kiplinger, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Our podcast conversation centered around the opportunities and challenges of returning to the workforce after a planned or unexpected break from work.

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Here are some more of the highlights from our conversation

Technology has created marketplaces allowing people who need skills to find people who have skills. If you want to work as a freelancer, you need to know what you’re good at. Then, you need to be able to translate that into a technology platform. 

Figuring out what you want to do with your life isn’t easy regardless of how old you are. Getting in touch with your ‘why’ makes it easier.

One of the stumbling blocks in getting your first job is a company’s objective to get results. This proves as an obstacle to many job candidates. This is because candidates don’t often spell out the results they delivered with previous companies.

When writing a resume, start by gathering information about yourself. Then, decide how you want to present it. The cover letter should include three compelling reasons why someone should hire you.

– Kelley Joyce, MBA, CPC

Kelley is a career development coach who is dedicated to helping people discover their career path and land their dream jobs. Kelley and her partner Josh live in New York City from which she has served hundreds of professionals across the U.S., U.K., and Australia since 2012 to radically change their relationship with work.

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