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You Are Where You Are

Posted on August 28, 2015 under Leadership, Mindset

How to Master Your Environment

Greetings from sunny Florida on this holiday weekend! I'm sending you gratitude and blessings during the Easter and Passover season. Tonight I am celebrating with my parents and our fellow “snow bird” neighbors with a BBQ style feast.

Here's my Dad and I while he's working his magic on the grill.

This winter has been long and brutal. The golden opportunity to take in the sun has pulled me out of the doldrums. More than ever, I'm affirming how profound a role our environment plays in our daily health – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In order to perform, we must nurture ourselves to yield the results we want.

In fact, I've made the decision to leave my co-op apartment and find a new place in New York City because I require more natural light to feel optimal. It's overwhelming to move after a decade, especially from a home that has been so incredibly good to and for me, but I deserve a place that I love now, not in the past. And so do you.

Confronting needs can be scary. One of the needs I explore with my clients is environmental – meaning your physical surroundings at work and home.

Take a hard look around at your surroundings. What do you see? Review everything in your office, car, and home with a fresh eye. What's on your desk, in your iPhone, in your livingroom? The more extreme the situation, the more change will be coming your way. Too much clutter or too much sterility is stifling.

The number one reaction I get to this exercise is that it feels “silly” to get “so picky” about a seemingly small issue.

But I'm here to tell you that your environment is super powerful and it can sway you negatively or positively, ultimately affecting your outcomes in business.

This is why I take my work and living space seriously and I want you to do the same.

For example, my bedroom is very dark. It makes waking up early extra challenging. As a remedy, I recently bought a light alarm clock. It simulates a gradual sunrise for 30 minutes prior to the alarm. To say it's been revolutionary for my morning routine would be a massive understatement. Check out the Philips clock – I love it.

Here are three quickstart tasks for you to experiment with:

  1. Clear away 80% of the surface area of your desk at work and at home.
  2. Throw away, donate, or recycle 25 pieces of clothing.
  3. Be outside 30+ minutes every day; preferably exercising.

We are where we are. And I don't want you to turn into a Steelcase cubicle. Nor do I want you to become empty Starbucks containers, 90-minute subway rides, or a stack of dirty dishes.

It's not silly to tune into aesthetics, it's wise. It's junk in, junk out.

For example, my new gym Blink Fitness has built its entire brand around the idea of design. Their motto is “We're Mood Lifters” and they “strive to make working out fun and uplifting.” All their members can't be wrong.

Tell me what environmental change are you willing to make today? Try walking to work, buying fresh flowers for your desk, or eating lunch outside the office every day.

Send me your progress…


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