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The Secret to Finding Your Next Company

Posted on September 27, 2022 under Job Search

Finding the right place to work is as challenging as finding a new home.

The Secret to Finding Your Next Company
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There's a reason why some businesses are referred to as a Company instead of a firm, practice, or organization.

It's because it's all about the people in the group…

Your boss

Your peers

Your support

It can feel like Mister Rogers sometimes…

“Who are the people in your neighborhood, the people that you meet each day?”

The secret to finding your next company is knowing what to look for.

Many of my clients say they need:

A reasonable amount of flexibility.

“A genuine company to appreciate me.”

“A great boss that really makes or breaks the job.”

“A job that uses my skill set.”

“A role that pays a comfortable amount.”

“People that I'm happy working with.”

“They are honest with me before they hire someone like me.”

What do you need from your company?

– Kelley Joyce, MBA, CPC

Kelley is a career development coach who is dedicated to helping people discover their career path and land their dream jobs. Kelley and her partner Josh live in New York City from which she has served hundreds of professionals across the U.S., U.K., and Australia since 2012 to radically change their relationship with work.

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