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Work Procrastination and Anxiety

Do you put the “pro” in procrastination? While putting off dry cleaning may not have consequences, delaying your career search will.

When Work Addiction is the Company Culture

The pandemic, WFH and the Great Reshuffle threw even more people into working long hours. If your company downsized, you're probably hustling to pick up the slack, exhausted and hoping you're not next.

Give up to Get on Good Friday

Today in the Christian calendar is Good Friday. ✝️ This signals, for the observant, a day of reflection around sacrifice. It also marks the near end of a 40-day period of ritual called Lent. I don't work on Good Friday after 3 p.m. because for me it is THE time of “giving up” my usual duties and surrendering to...


Signs of the Scapegoat

Have you ever been on the receiving end of unwarranted criticism or bullying in the workplace? It doesn't feel so great.  And it is very harmful to your mental and physical health. Much like being teased in the school yard, there is a very specific power dynamic at play.  The perpetrator has a compulsive need to humiliate, expose, or...


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