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New Job Industry: Tips for Entering a Different Industry

Posted on March 16, 2022 under Career & Work

new job industry tips
Photo by Kelvin Ang on Unsplash

When making a career change into a new job industry, you can:

1. Keep your role and change your industry

2. Change your role and keep your industry

3. Change your role AND change your industry

Most people do 1. or 2. because there's already tons of change without changing both elements.

And a brave percentage of folks go full out and change both.

I tend to see two trends when changing to a new job industry:

You select an industry that is fun, intriguing, or a hobby –

Or you get selected by an industry you've never even heard of because a recruiter grabs your attention – and the role is super sexy & challenging.

The biggest fear around a new job industry is: WHAT IF I HATE IT? AND…

“What if by working in the industry of my hobby or passion that I kill the joy I had by just being an amateur? Then I'll get no relief in life.”

or “What if the learning curve to enter this new job industry is SO HARD that I absolutely fall flat on my face and #EpicFail.”

What's the solution? TEST IT OUT.

Go semi-pro

Have a side gig

Go to conferences

Read the books, journals and blogs of the industry

Meet the people who work in the industry to know what's really going on.

This is the way forward. ⏩

– Kelley Joyce, MBA, CPC

Kelley is a career development coach who is dedicated to helping people discover their career path and land their dream jobs. Kelley and her partner Josh live in New York City from which she has served hundreds of professionals across the U.S., U.K., and Australia since 2012 to radically change their relationship with work.

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