Tarot Readings with Kelley Joyce: A Spiritual Tool to Solving Tough Problems and Achieving Big Goals

Hello Seeker – It's so good to see you!!

I'm really looking forward to being of service to you in a new and spiritual way that you may or may not know about me.

I'm a career coach in my primary business (here at The Truth at Work) where I help professionals discover their career path and land their dream job.

But my Super Power is that I'm an intuitive, specifically a claircognizant or I have “clear knowing” which is knowing something without reading or being told about it.

My intuition helps me guide my coaching clients to achieve their goals in business and in life.

What they're not always aware of (some are!) is that I'm a powerful Tarot Reader who uses the cards to help them get out of tough situations, make smart decisions, and have more self confidence.

I've been reading Tarot for so long I can't recall not having an ability and a card deck as a companion.

Last year I gifted myself the experience of mentoring with my favorite teacher Brigit Esselmont, the founder of BiddyTarot.com.

Brigit launched Biddy Tarot in the late 90's (!!!) in Australia and she now has more than 4 million unique annual visitors to what has become the Wikipedia of Tarot.

After 9 months of intensive training with Brigit, I am now a certified Biddy Tarot reader with a 5-Star rating on the BiddyTarot.com readings platform. #awesome

Long way of saying, I can't wait to read for you to support you through your challenges and goals about money, love, and health – and anything else the universe throws our way!

I offer 30 minute ($50) readings and

60 minute ($75) readings.

The readings include:

If you feel called to do a reading, I have a scheduling link for 30-minutes and 60-minutes below:

Book my 30-minute Tarot Reading

Book my 60-minutes Tarot Reading

Thank you and I can't wait to read for you!