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Job Search Mindset: “I’m Not Even Going to Try.”

I see too many job candidates not even try for their rightful job.   Their biggest enemy is negative mind chatter talking them out of taking proper action to secure their new role.   The internal dialogue sounds something like this…    📣 Wow, they want someone with many more years, skills, etc. than me.  📣 HR isn't hiring in COVID-19, so I'll...


What Resilience Looks Like in the Face of a Pandemic

It looks like moving through adversity, not avoiding it. Especially in the face of a pandemic. It's a unique blend of your confidence, faith, trust, self-esteem, and love. In the job search, you will absolutely be tested over and over again. Your success depends upon your ability to get back up again. The job search is a series of...


When Uncertainty Rules the Day

Recently several of my good girlfriends dropped off their college Freshmen children at their respective dream schools. These families have been waiting for months, and then weeks and even days to secure the details of when, how, and even if at all, their children would be living on campus. The uncertainty of the pandemic has transformed this highly celebrated...