Case Studies

Kelley helped me see I am a qualified, experienced and beneficial person to bring onto a team. I don’t think I would have been able to find this confidence alone.

The biggest challenge for me was dealing with the anxiety I felt about taking the next steps to finding employment. After a dissatisfying first job, which was made worse as I was struggling emotionally due to dealing with substance abuse issues; I felt anxious that I was doomed to repeat the negative experience I had just had. That made me feel stuck. I was so worried I would never find what made me happy or excited, that that was just not possible for someone like me.

Kelley helped me narrow down to paths I’ve always been interested in, taking in a lot of information from my past, what I enjoyed doing as a kid, and what I feel drawn to artistically and creatively. I still have anxiety because I am an anxious person; but I can deal with it better because I had her to support me in finding these paths and in building up my confidence.

I have a new job that feels really meaningful, both to myself and to other people. I definitely have clarity about my strengths but also how to move forward with them in a targeted way, not think of them as just an obscure, less tangible idea of what I can be or do. I’ve been able to shut down the critics in my head a lot more easily because I feel more directed and confident.

- Alejandra Hamel | Outreach, Social Media & Editorial Assistant at BIGVISION NYC